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The Groves at Piney Orchard Blog, Odenton, MD Apartments   Learn why writing reviews is important and read our tips for writing an effective review in today's blog post.


In today’s world, you can find just about anything online — that includes reviews about goods, products, services, and apartments. Today, The Groves at Piney Orchard Blog is bringing members of our apartment community in Odenton, MD tips about writing and evaluating reviews. Read on to learn more.


Why Write Reviews


Reviews are an important part of our world. We want to find out what is good and what to avoid, and reviews are a good tool to do just that.


Writing reviews about apartment communities is a service to other residents and prospective new neighbors. Being objective about the location, buildings, amenities, neighbors and other factors never hurt when you are writing reviews. Most people will appreciate the information. In fact, it could give a nice balance to the enthusiasm of your cheerleader neighbor down the hall, who thinks everything is “So great! So nice! I love it here!!”


Renter’s Voice advises the following: “...keep your review factually based and fair. People want to know the truth, not an exaggeration, because they are making important choices about their future and need to know what they can really expect.”


What to Include in a Review

  • Whether your review is positive, negative, or somewhere in between it is important to include relevant details. Stick to the facts, be specific, and strive to be objective. Take time to think about what you want to say and focus on sharing the experience.

  • Check your spelling and grammar. Use complete sentences and only single exclamation points — poor mechanics devalue what you are saying.

  • Include language that indicates this was your experience and acknowledge that not everyone will have the same experience

  • Leave out names and focus on the experience. Include relevant details and keep the review fact based. Essentially, don’t be a jerk when you write a review. Even when you’ve had a bad experience, make your case coherently, intelligently, and honestly. Polite articulation is far more likely to get results than bombastic name-calling.


Lifehacker has some detailed advice for writing Genuinely Useful Reviews. When it comes to writing a review for an apartment community consider topics such as safety of the area, grounds maintenance, daytime and nighttime activity, and responsiveness of management.


How to Evaluate a Review

  • Take the extreme reviews (both good and bad) with a grain of salt. In fact, toss them out of consideration.


  • Look for common themes among multiple reviews. If several people are saying the same thing, it’s more likely to be legitimate.

  • Read the overall tone of the reviews — are they mostly positive or negative.

  • Prioritize the content. Focus on the reviews that are most relative to YOUR top concerns. For example, if you don’t care about an amenity, disregard reviews about that specific amenity.  


One other thing to note is that there may be fake reviews among the legitimate ones. Take time to educate yourself about the red flags indicating a false review.


Take a minute and write a review for our apartment community, The Groves at Piney Orchard. We appreciate all of the members of our community. Thanks for reading our blog post today.